This page contains all the information about all of the backpacks in MTA DayZ. The backpacks are organised in an ascending order of slots. 

If you don't have a backpack, you have only 8 slots by default (unless the host has bought the uncompiled version and edited the default amount of slots). You will spawn without backpacks in the gamemode, when you get killed or log in into a fresh new unused account.

Assault Backpack (ACU)Edit

The Assault Backpack features 12 inventory slots for your items. It is the smallest backpack in the game, spawning density is quite high. Can be found more-or-less everywhere.

Allice BackpackEdit

The Allice backpack features 16 inventory slots for items of your choice. It is the second smallest backpack in MTA DayZ, commonly found is deserts and forests. 

Czech BackpackEdit

The Czech Backpack features 26 inventory slots, popular in military environment, commonly found in Area-69. It is the second largest backpack in the game.

Coyote BackpackEdit

The Coyote backpack features 36 inventory slots, mostly found in deserts but can also be found in cities like San Fierro and Las Venturas.