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Welcome to the MTA DayZ wiki! MTA DayZ is a gamemode for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas multiplayer mod (Multi Theft Auto), VERY similar in the style of the Arma II DayZ mod. This mod simulates how a real zombie apocalype may play out in the GTA universe. The game challenges you in multiple ways, requiring you to scavenge for food to fight your hunger and thirst, discover new weapons to defend against zombies and players alike, and take care of medical factors such as bleeding, blood loss, and temperature by finding heat packs, blood bags, bandages among other supplies. This wiki is your the definitive source on all things MTA DayZ. 

- Hexabone, founder of this wiki, Edited HEAVILY by xgen343(Colin Watson)

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Hi guys i am new in Mtas world ... so i started it to play and i dont now how to use things ... medkits . bandages , how to equip weapons ... i knwo how to open inventory but i cant use and equip weapons pls help

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